The term computer security means protecting your data from unauthorized users. Computer security helps to prevent and secure your data from hackers and another type of threats. There are numerous ways of achieving computer security. One of the common and most effective ways of achieving excellent computer security is to install a good antivirus program in your device. Antivirus protects your device from various threats such as harmful viruses, bots, spyware, ransomware, etc.

In today’s world, people are using their computer for various crucial tasks such as banking, social media platform, storing personal data and many more. Compromising with your computer security can cost you a lot! So it’s necessary to keep you safe and secure. One of the major internet threats is identity theft. Identity threat can lead to a huge loss. So, before you get into any kind of trouble; install a good antivirus program in your device. There are numerous antivirus choices available in the market according to your need and system compatibility. If we especially talk about identity theft protection; Norton antivirus gives the best identity theft protection. To achieve identity theft protection feature in Norton antivirus, you have to install Norton com Setup in your device.

Another potential threat is hacking. If any cybercriminal gains access in your device, he can do anything in your device. He can read your data, send it to anyone, delete your files and spy onto you. The best way of prevention is taking care while working online. Most of the hackers enter in your device from your network. Good security software can easily disguise and hide your IP address which makes difficult to trace your IP address. Hackers mostly use unreliable internet connections such as public Wi-Fi, cybercafé, etc for entering in your network. You should avoid access to your important data, accounts and banking transitions in public internet connections. Using a VPN and firewall can help you to prevent your data and IP address from hackers in public Wi-Fi.

If you want to that your computer should work perfectly in a secure condition then always keep your OS and all software programs updated. Don’t forget to update your antivirus from time to time. Every update comes with a new fix of its older version. Virus and other harmful threats are mutating day by day. So it’s crucial to update your antivirus program in the account to protect your data and network from newly born viruses and malware.

A strong and complex password is the most common security measure which should be used by every person. Complex and strong password protects your device from mischievous people around you. Most of the people use simple and relatable password as they are easy to remember. But, if a person knows you better, he can easily guess your password. So never use a password which is related to you like your DOB, home address, your favorite book, etc. Always use a complex password with some random alpha-numeric and special characters.

There are numerous ways and healthy practices for achieving good security like avoiding suspicious URLs, not opening spam messages, monitoring your network, not sharing your device with others any many more.


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