When Should You Calibrate Your Test Equipments_

Calibration is a process in which we compare the measuring instrument with the measurement standard for establishing the relationship between provided values by the instrument to those of the standard. Your calibration standard should be more accurate than the instrument under testing.

The accuracy of your testing equipments can drop over a certain period of time; therefore it is advisable to ask for calibration services. Routinely calibration of your equipments is crucial to check that your equipments don’t go out of calibration. You can notice that the accuracy of some components such as current shunts, input dividers, and voltage references will start to fluctuate over a period of time. These minor shifts won’t affect your measurements if you maintain your calibrating schedule properly. Good Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Markham help to reduce damage.

There are a certain number of risks which you can face if not calibrate your instruments regularly-

  • Wastage of your raw materials and other resources
  • You will get a low-quality end product
  • You can face glitches from time to time
  • Safety issues

How often you should calibrate your equipment’s?

You must calibrate your equipment regularly, but how can you calculate “regularly”? It can be quarterly, semiannually, or yearly.  Remember your all fingers are not equal; similarly, your all types of equipment are not identical. Every kind of equipment works differently and has a distinct type of needs and services.

Here are some approaches and aspects you should consider before sending your equipment for Alpha Calibration Services:

  • Read out the time course recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment

The manufacturer of your instruments must have provided the calibration period. But remember every instrument tears down after a certain period of time, after the smooth working phase of your tool; you must take care of it more frequently.

  • Before any critical measuring project

If you are working on an important project and you need good accuracy, then make a list of your crucial types of equipment. After finalizing your instruments, send them for calibration. After calibration, do not use them for other tasks; unlock them only for your main projects.

  • After any critical measuring project

Calibrating equipment after the project is equally important for ensuring that you got the right measurements.

  • After any unpredicted mistakes or accident

If the equipment got any unforeseen accident such as internet overload etc, you must send it for calibration immediately. You should also check your safety integrity and other measurements.

  • According to the requirement of your project

Every project is different so it needs different types of tools and measurements. You may need certified and calibrated test tools in some projects, and in some, you may not require these standards. But if your project needs calibrated test tools you should never ignore them.

  • Quarterly, or semiannually

If you often use equipment for critical measurements, it is recommendable to calibrate them monthly or quarterly.

  • Annually or biannually

If you need both critical and non-critical measurements, calibrating your tools annually will be good enough. Equipment which you are using for non-critical measurements can be calibrated biannually because calibrating your all the equipment semiannually or annually can be very costly.

Calibration of the tools is necessary for getting reliable outputs. If you don’t calibrate your tools, you may have to face the aftermath such as huge damage or loss. Always choose certified calibrating services which can calibrate your equipment accurately.


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