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Intelligent machines surround us all. Smart devices mean an electronic widget that is used for connecting, sharing and interacting with its users and other smart devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. some of the most frequently used smart devices are smartphones, tablets, and other portable personal electronics. Nowadays tv is also coming up with intelligent technology of connecting with users phone through screen mirroring.

The more new technology comes, more new online threats come with it. Cybercriminals are up to date with their latest viruses to encounter in your device anyhow, so to secure your device use for best protection of your smart device.

There are some other methods also by which you can secure your device, which we discuss below:

Update your smart device regularly

Whenever you get notified for updating your smart device, do not neglect it, as it contains new features which are highly recommendable to your smart device for fighting against viruses and run your device smoothly.

Use Multiple layers of protection Like Firewall

Multiple layers or two-factor authentication is an extra security layer to protect your smart device. All of the intelligent devices have this feature to provide additional security to you and your equipment.

In two-factor authentication after putting a password, message or an e-mail is sent to you with an OTP or one-time code to grant the access. If suitably used in the right way, then it’s difficult for the hackers to have access to your smart devices and essential data in it.

Browsing the Internet

Be extra careful while browsing the internet. Whenever you open up a browser and see any pop-up message, never accept it. Most of it contains viruses and spyware from which hackers can have access to your device and can gain data and your personal information for their benefit.

Security applications

Install the security applications on your smart device for extra security. Many security apps are available who assure you to give full protection to your device with different patterns of password for extra care of your device.

Install Antivirus

Antivirus is the best protection for your device. It stops the viruses, malware, spyware from entering into your device. Many antivirus software is available in the market with little prices but selects the product wisely to ensure your maximum device safety.

Research before buying the product

Taking necessary precautions is essential such as using a tool for making a strong password. But before purchasing any product or instrument, research about it that its the product has gone through a security test, it is easy for hackers to hack it or read the reviews of the product users who use it and what’s their opinion about it.

UPnP features in your smart devices

Most of the internet devices have Universal Plug-in and Play function in it, which enables different methods to find and connect. While this is comfortable and exclude the need to set up each device individually, this behavior depends on the local area network to communicate with each other and give access to hackers to attack.

When an attack occurs the UPnP feature allow multiple access at the same time, so it’s much better to disable this feature and arrange your devices manually.

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