Norton antivirus is the anti-malware software which giving you the services for better protection of your system from nasty software and viruses since 1991. For better protection of your data, Norton antivirus came forward for assisting you with the upgraded software and current latest technology so that you don’t need to take care of your data from the community who want to harm you. is the finest option for your device protected from malicious viruses or cybercriminals to choose for better security and safety.

Some reasons to opt Norton antivirus for your system are;

  • Norton helps you to login to sites with just a single click, and after clicking it automatically fills up the web forms to protect your data and personal information which can be stolen by cybercriminals as you type it.
  • Norton has a special feature of smart two-way firewall which helps in making security decisions to counter your files and personal information and even without letting you know.
  • Norton safety system provides you the numerous layers of protection to notify and eradicate threats more rapidly and efficiently in contrast to other technologies.
  • Norton automatically scans the messages and emails to protect your identity and money from insecure links and attachments.
  • Norton has vulnerability protection guard security hole in your operating system, applications, browsers, and browsers plug-ins to rule out threats from sneaking in your device.
  • If you are facing any problem while using Norton antivirus then you can reach us anytime through e-mail, chat or over the phone also.
  • Norton has smart driven Norton insight technology which points those files only which are at higher risks for fewer, faster and shorter scans.
  • Norton also has Antiphishing technology which prevents or blocks deceptive phishing, it is a website set up which is made by online scammers to steal your money, password, identity or personal information.
  • When the browser is loading there is a number of threats which can harm or damage your device, so to avoid this Norton has browser protection which carefully looks after you by checking online threats and blocking them.

For superior and smart protection of your device you can use Norton antivirus and can activate your Norton account with Norton activate process by following these few simple steps;

  1. Start your Norton.
  2. Click on activate in the main screen.
  3. Now click on the next.
  4. Now you see my service pin field, in which you have to enter the PIN which is given to you by your service provider.
  5. Now click on Activate.
  6. Now you have to enter a name for your computer and then click on activate.
  7. After this close the activation complete window.
  8. Just click on finish, your activation is successful.


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