Remove Virus From Android Phone

Android phone getting on your getting insane amount of ADS on your device here is the solution to make your Android phone as new as it was when you  had got it

Can your android device get virus?

Android phones the most used operating system there because its interface is  user friendly and there are large amount of apps that you can install on your device,  from games to daily exercise apps to navigation and GPS everything, just think about something and you will definitely have an app regarding that,  but these features make it the most vulnerable operating system there hackers and Malware can easily effect of personal data photos and everything.

Android phone getting on your getting insane amount of ADS on your device here is the solution to make your Android phone as new as it was when you  had got it

How can you get virus on your android device ?

  • If you have installed any cracked or unwanted unauthorized    Android app on your phone.
  • If you have connected device to any infected storage device like pen drive or computer
  • If you have clicked on popup that may have  installed any hidden file on your device.
  • You can even get virus if you have connected to an open Wi-Fi and someone has remotely access to your device and then installed any unwanted software on your phone that may affect your device

If you’re facing this problem no need not worry, here are some of the Easy steps that you can follow that will make your device work perfectly

Step 1

 go to the Google Play Store and download some free antivirus software because they are really  effective Horror Files small APK files because they are the main reason for unwanted ads that make your Android phone slow

Step 2

After installing any app like AVG or norton Any other antivirus software Open the app and then click on the scan button,  there are different methods of scanning on different apps you will have to look for it

Step 3

 After running the scan wait for scan to get completed,  it might take some time, in the process mean by you will see different APK files that your antivirus software is scanning and the reason for this  is the main reason for Android Malware and Virus is APK files

Step 4

scan process is completed click all the malicious files your that your  anti-virus has found

these methods will definitely resolve your issues but there are some files that even antivirus software not able to find because they are hidden

How to manually remove antivirus software from phone


Step 1 Clear Cache Memory

Clear all the history and cache memory from your device,  you can do this by getting into setting then storage, there will be an option of cache memory , just click on that option and your cache memory will be removed

Step 2 Start Phone On Safe Mode

still you are facing that problem of slow phone then restart your phone and started in safe mode,  in that turn off the option of all third party apps, stop all the third party apps running on your phone,  this will surely help you get your Android device work correctly .

you can start your phone on safe mode just buy holding your power off button and volume down button continuously,  is method not same in all devices and steps very in each band

Step 3 Identify third party Apps manually

identify the third party apps just by going to your phone,  Nikon installed apps and look for all the unwanted apps that you don’t want that we given free up space and you will get to know important apps that are causing trouble

Step 4 Factory Settings

 if all these methods are not working you can even reset your phone to factory settings,  there is an option in Android phone that will not deleted data but put your all settings to the factory mode,  I should remove any Malware or water tap that is causing trouble in your phone

How to always keep your device protected

Always want to keep your device protected don’t open any unwanted website on your phone and only download apps from your Play Store auction that is an official Google Play Store,  you should also not connect your phone to USB to any unknown device as they may contain any auto Run exe or Trojan virus

I would also suggest that you should never install  any unwanted third party app on your phone because this may slow down your device  

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