10 Reasons Why Your Website Has High Bounce Rate

When users bounce off your website, it means they landed on your page and left without actually doing anything. They did not fill out their forms; they did not click on any of their links.

What are the reasons of high bounce rate on any website?

There can be many reasons for the high bounce rate on any website. Digital marketing agency in Toronto is one stop solution to lower down the bounce rate

  1. Slow page load

Did you know that 40% of people leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load? If you are looking to see visitors to your site go down the sales funnel, you should make sure to give them what they need from you in 2 seconds, maximum.

  1. Poor design

Yes, appearances still matter on the World Wide Web, so pay attention to how your site is designed to improve its ease of use. For this, we refer to the following:

  • Remove confusing fonts and images
  • Make sure that the grid of the page is organized sensibly.
  • Choose good contrasting colors, mainly for easy reading.
  1. Usability

The content that is provided on your website must be relevant. It must be point to point on your website and must answer and provide the solution to the client for which he is landing on your page.

  1. Intrusive ads and pop-ups

If your website supports ads, be sure to select the ads that appear on your page (this involves talking to your advertisers about the types of ads allowed on your site). A website that contains ads that are still relevant to your core business offer makes it doubly useful for users and more reliable

  1. Broken links

“Page not found”. This is a last call of an Internet page. It is very similar to asking for directions and receiving street names that do not really exist.  Check that the links on your pages are still working. Once again, free tools on the web allow you to do this, such as Broken Link Check.

  1.  Adaptable for all devices (Responsive)

The website must be made in such a manner that we can open it in tablets, mobiles, pc etc.

  1. Clarity, brevity and to the point!

One of the main causes of rebound is that the message and what is offered is not clear , both in the advertisement and on the landing page. If the visitor comes to the web and does not know what is offered in a few seconds, then he will bounce off.

  1. Video and Audio

A good use of these resources can make the effectiveness of your campaigns soar and achieve extraordinary results. However, the opposite can also happen in case of automatic playback, irrelevant to the subject matter and so long in size.

  1. Speed of interlinks

Sometimes, in website there are also other links interconnected. So, these links must also open rapidly otherwise user won’t wait for it too long.

  1. Under Optimized site or Low-Quality Content

Visitors on any website mostly bounce if it is under optimized and outdate information too.. If your website has high quality and unique informative content visitors mat spend more time in your web site.


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